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SFA's programs aim to provide players with proper soccer instruction beginning at a young age to insure that players are learning the fundamentals which will serve as the stepping stone to their advancement in the sport. Our programs are designed for players who have the desire to train and compete in a more challenging playing environment.

We understand that every player is unique and develops at his/her own pace. Thus, SFA's trainers work diligently to increase each player's technical and tactical skills. We've adopted training principles from the best soccer countries in the world. Players receive interim reports to show areas in which they have shown growth as well as areas in which they need improvement. In addition, our program builds character, self-esteem, self-confidence, team work, respect for self and others, which is needed both on and off the pitch. Parents bring their children from all over Nassau and Queens Counties to play for Samba Futbol Academy. At SFA, players train for 11/2 to 2 hrs, 2-3x per week. We train and compete at the highest levels and participate in tournaments year round.

In order to offer our players the most out of their experience at SFA, we choose to keep our rosters small. Therefore, try-outs are necessary to ensure that players are learning with other players at or around the same ability. Players aged 6 to 13 are welcomed to try-out for any of our travel teams. Try-outs are typically held 3 times during the year for newly formed teams; June for fall play, October for winter play, and March for spring play. However, the option to attend a try-out during a team's training is available for those who would like to join existing teams.

Some of our players train and compete with older teams to provide them more of a challenge. Although parents may recommend that their child play up, Samba trainers will determine based on a player's physical and mental attributes if it is the best for the player's overall development. The final decision is made by Samba's trainers.

If you have interest in joining the SAMBA family, please contact us and we will let you know what information is needed prior to try-outs.

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